Anxiety and mindfulness

Mindfulness for Anxiety

Anxiety is dwelling on past, current, and future fears that may never come to pass. It’s nearly impossible to not worry about the future in some way. Moreover, thinking about the future can serve as a positive and proactive thing. For example, as long as you are putting everything into perspective, it can be beneficial. […]

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Mindfulness and depression

Mindfulness for Depression

The practice of mindfulness can help those suffering from depression. For example, many people who have depression deal with negative thoughts that often spiral out of control. As a result, they are left feeling overwhelmed. Mindfulness is the act of staying in the present moment and recognizing your feelings without judgment. In addition, mindfulness can […]

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Mindfulness in Business

Although mindfulness is usually associated with yoga classes and wellness retreats, mindfulness is being incorporated in the business world. For example, companies like Google and General Mills have started offering mindfulness programs. In addition, Salesforce has mindfulness rooms in its San Francisco offices. Mindfulness in business has started taking its lead in the world. Mindfulness […]

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Mindfulness for Children

Mindfulness, or the act of staying and accepting the present moment without judgment, is not just a a practice for adults. For instance, adults and kids who practice mindfulness can increase their happiness and decrease their anxiety. Who couldn’t use more of that? Mindfulness for children is being widely practiced. Mindfulness for Children Many schools […]

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Mindfulness Quotes for Inspiration

One of the many reasons mindfulness has taken off in recent years is because it has helped many find peace. In fact, mindfulness has been shown to benefit both our mental and physical health. Check out mindfulness quotes about staying present and allowing yourself to feel without judgement. Here are a few mindfulness quotes about […]

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Create a Mindfulness Room

Mindfulness is the state of being present. For example, if you are practicing mindfulness, you will want to focus on your thoughts, feelings, and emotions without judgement. Importantly, mindfulness helps us live in the movement without worry about the future and things we can’t control. In fact, you can practice mindfulness anywhere you are! That […]

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