Create a Mindfulness Room

Mindfulness is the state of being present. For example, if you are practicing mindfulness, you will want to focus on your thoughts, feelings, and emotions without judgement. Importantly, mindfulness helps us live in the movement without worry about the future and things we can’t control. In fact, you can practice mindfulness anywhere you are! That is one of the greatest benefits of mindfulness. It is useful to have a space dedicated to the practice of mindfulness because it can help you feel calmer, faster. With this in mind, create a mindfulness room that is free of distractions.Room for Mindfulness Here are some tips on how to design your own mindfulness room.

How to set up a Mindfulness Room

  1. Try to find a quiet place in your home. Importantly, somewhere free of distractions, like the front door or a window facing your street. Moreover, it does not have to be a large space. Choose a place that makes you feel good when you step inside it for your mindfulness room.
  2. Keep your mindfulness space clean. For example, clutter can be a distraction and remind you of household chores you need to take care of. It is also important to keep technology, like your phone or laptop, out of the area.
  3. Make the space comfortable. For example, use a comfortable blanket or a chair you can curl up in.
  4. Aim for natural lighting. If natural lighting is at all possible, it can help you stay focused in the present moment. If this is not an option, use soft, soothing lights. For example, candles work wonders for mood.
  5. Decorate your mindfulness area with soothing colors. For instance, consider painting the walls in “softer” colors like grey, white, or cream. Neutral colors can create a calming space in the room.
  6. Bring the outside in. If you enjoy nature, try decorating your mindfulness room with plants. With that in mind, you can purchase essential oils with the smells of flowers or trees. For instance, lavender essential oils have calming effects. Moreover, you can incorporate a fountain into the room so you have the sounds of running water.
  7. Make the space yours. Importantly, design your mindfulness room in a way that makes you feel at ease. For example, you can have a photo of a place you love visiting. Also, you could have photos of your pets or children. Make your mindfulness room yours and inspiring.

Mindfulness Rooms in Schools

Mindfulness rooms are not solely for the home. If you are searching for inspiration for your own mindfulness room, you may want to look to a nearby school. For example, Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania has a mindfulness room.

Carnegie Mellon’s mindfulness room features plants, a waterfall wall, yoga mats, comfortable seating, and meditation pillows. The school’s mindfulness room also includes an “inspirational” area that has a craft corner and a wall of art. On fact, middle and high schools across the country are starting to set up mindfulness rooms to help students deal with stress or simply unwind.

Creating your own space to practice mindfulness can provide you with a calming place in your home.

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